Suggested Salary Resources

Looking to see how much you are worth? We've included a couple of resources below that will help with your salary exploration.

Salary still is one of the leading decision factors behind career and job selection. It might not be your major consideration, but we know it definitely counts.

Depending on where you are based around the world, the below sites and resources can help you get a picture for what you're worth now, and what you might be worth in the future depending on what role, company or industry you go into.

We recommend using all of the below to get a few reference points on where your salary range might land.

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Global Salary information

Glassdoor Salaries

Glassdoor has one of the best ranges of employee-supplied salaries on the internet.




Payscale is another worthwhile tool that gives strong market data on salaries.



Be sure to also check out's salary section, which will help give you strong industry compensation benchmarks.

US Salary Information


Visit Glassdoor's Know your worth tool to receive a custom salary estimate based on your title, company, location and experience.


LinkedIn Salary

If you're US-based, LinkedIn's Salary tool has valuable information to add to your job search.