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Hey Navigators (yes, a corny term I am using to describe the JobGPS community),

Here is a curated list of resources I recommend you take a look at.

Hopefully the below will accelerate finding your dream job. I recommend using all of the below together when undertaking your career research. Each offer different pieces of information

If you think I've missed some really critical ones, please tweet me @mikewsyd or our crew @jobgpsteam.

Resources you should check out


Connecting with people and searching for jobs

linkedin Reid Hoffman correctly highlights that opportunities come through people (not just applying to jobs). LinkedIn has over 500 million members. Don't 'spray and pray' just blind connect with high-profile decision makers, instead, craft thoughtful approaches to key hiring decision makers and connect with relevant folks in your industry or desired companies or roles.

LinkedIn Job Search App: Probably one of the most underrated products. I recommend using job search alerts (tweet me if you want me to explain how) - to basically get notified when your desired jobs get posted. Just be careful on what industries you choose so they reflect what you are wanting (i.e. if you want to work at Google - they're classified in the Internet industry).

Because of LinkedIn's unique member data - you also get awesome intelligence on who the company hires, who you're up against and relevant updates on the organisation you're looking at.

Alumni tool (students/recent grads): a bit more hidden on LinkedIn these days. Allows you to search for alumni from your school/university by graduation year and also filter alumni by their job function (i.e. business development, program management), their location and also their current company. Finding the right people and reaching out might give you a sight edge over the competition.

Insight into companies and roles from employees


Glassdoor is great for:

Important to note that you should take these reviews with a bit of a grain of salt.

Whilst happy employees or interviewees can be motivated to share their authentic positive experiences, many employees and interviewees can use Glassdoor as a way to publicly vent their frustration at an interview process or company... Just balance opposing viewpoints using your own judgment.

Founded in 2012, The Muse set out to become the world's ultimate career destination and make the job search somewhat interesting and not 'death by 1000 rectangles'. I think they've done an excellent job of this.

They offer some pretty cool things to help your career search, my favourites are:

  • Inside look at company offices / employee interviews: by sending videographers/photographers into companies such as Facebook.  Whilst the content is employer-sponsored, it gives you the chance to get a sense of the office environment and to e-meet the people the companies hire.
  • Career coaching marketplaceA unique feature that most job sites don't offer. The Muse Coach Connect has aggregated some top career coaches and allows you to book them for consultations online.

The Muse also has extensive career advice content and a jobs site.

Finding high growth companies you might like


The Breakout List: For a great list of hypergrowth tech companies with information on:

  • Investors
  • Product or service
  • Funding stage
  • Office locations
Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 7.11.04 AM.png One the best sources of startup info online. Great to source of info on investors, founders, and key people in the startup community.

Finding a purposeful career

8000 Hours: Well researched career site that helps try to solve a similar problem, by helping you find a purposeful career (see Career Reviews and Career Guide). 


Comparing tech company levelling

Levels.FYI: Compares levels of tech roles across companies such as Google, Amazon,, Facebook and LinkedIn with salary data. 


Hope you find these valuable.

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Mike & JobGPS Team.