High school students: how to use JobGPS


Hey there,

Currently in high school? Freaking out about what university degree to choose, or what you're going to do with your life after finishing your studies?

Well let me tell you how this site can help you at least start to make that decision less challenging.

Before reading on, I want to make clear that I support both students that pick degrees to learn areas of interest and broaden their mind in fields such as Philosophy, as much I do those who pick a degree to attain a specific job, such as the study of Aviation & Flying.



How should I use JobGPS as a High School Student?

In a few years time, most people on or leading up to graduating university have to get a job to earn a living.

What I want for all students is for each of them to be in the best position possible to get a dream job of your choice. Factually, your studies will probably last a few years, where your career in the workforce will last a period of over 10 times that amount. You're certainly not tied to a career choice, but you can definitely grow your knowledge of each area earlier rather than later.

I'd recommend browsing through the careers on the site and looking into what skills or qualifications people need to have in those areas to get hired. If you fall in love with a career area, you can start to work backwards and select degrees to study after high school that lead into those career areas.

In a sentence: figure out what career you want to pursue after graduation by learning about your options, then discover what qualifications are needed to get into those areas, and lastly use that investigation to narrow your list of degree choices to those that will best position you for your preferred final destination or destinations.


Some people will argue that it's better to just "fall in to a career" and it's impossible to know what you're going to like until you try it. I definitely believe experimenting working or studying in areas is a good thing, and you might not find your dream job or perfect degree the first time around (after all, the rate at which people are changing careers is growing each decade as more career options open up and profession retention rates drop).

In saying that, when people go on holidays they typically don't arrive at the airport and book the next plane to leave. They do research on Tripadvisor, read reviews, spend hours searching online, listen to friends that have gone on similar trips or use knowledge of their own preferences to pick a destination. The same can be done with your career.

So start exploring. Type in some degree names into the search bar on jobgps.com or even go straight to the Explore Careers section and work backwards to select your degrees.


I hope the site is helpful for your search and wish you all the best in your exploration.

Happy navigating,