Medicine and Health Degrees

Medicine and health degree paths are quite varied, but they all surround helping people and the sciences. Possible areas of study may include anything from medicine to dentistry, nursing, midwifery, rehab medicine, speech therapy, nutrition, public health, biochemistry, and more. Upon graduation, individuals may work in a clinical, laboratory, or office setting, depending on their level of education and expertise.

While a graduate degree may be enough to enter a few select fields, more often than not, these careers are only offered to those who have completed doctoral programs. The competitive nature of getting into programs at top-notch universities paired with the rigorous study and licensure means that those aiming for a medicine or health degree not only need to be academically strong—particularly in the sciences, but also wholly committed to and invested in the outcome. These fields can be emotionally rewarding and provide a comfortable lifestyle, though the path may not be ideal for someone unprepared for the demands and fast-paced lifestyle. Moreover, those who have undergrad degrees may struggle to find placement and advancement opportunities, so the path may not be a good fit for someone who is not interested in pursuing further education.