Law Degrees

A law degree is arguably one of the most prestigious paths available, but it is also one of the most difficult to attain. Between fierce competition for spots in top universities through rigorous coursework, students are challenged to bring their very best to the table. Naturally, individuals learn about various aspects of law and government, but also home in skills such as research, analysis, speaking, and presenting.

While the obvious career path for someone with a law degree would be work as an attorney, individuals may rise to the rank of judge or use their degree in an alternate field, such as politics, government, diplomacy, advocacy, or education. Those who do become lawyers have a large breadth of specialties to select from as well, including fields like corporate, intellectual property, family, criminal defense, or personal injury law.

Those who enjoy research, assimilating information, and either enjoy debate or have a passion for justice do well while studying and beyond. In order to get through the coursework and early years in the profession, high marks, strong organizational and time-management skills, and resilience are also necessary. Before applying for law school, it’s advantageous for candidates to spend time with lawyers and other legal professionals to get a good feel for what school and the career is like. Because many focus on the prestige or paycheck a lawyer attains, learning about the challenges and often tedious or demanding aspects can help a candidate mentally prepare for the road ahead.