Engineering Degrees

Engineers are often considered the ultimate “tinkerers.” They’re fascinated with how things work, pulling things apart, and putting them back together again with improvements. There are many areas an engineer might specialize in, such as mechanical, aeronautical, software, chemical, electrical, and civil engineering, each with its own unique draw.

Those who do well at university are naturals when it comes to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects and characteristically earn high marks in school prior. The demands of coursework in these areas typically separate out the future engineers from all others rapidly during undergraduate studies.

Those who have a deeply-analytical mindset, absorb information quickly, and genuinely love discovering new things do well during their studies and beyond. However, those who struggle with any STEM subject and don’t already have a natural inclination to work with coding and/ or dismantle things and reassemble them don’t typically do well. It’s also worth noting that some are drawn to study engineering due to the substantial salaries offered upon graduation or because they believe they’ll make a fair sum selling ideas. While salaries in the field are among the best, engineers often struggle to earn as entrepreneurs, so it might not be a good choice for someone expecting million-dollar returns.