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Over 5 years ago I was sitting at my desk in a fancy office, looking around at colleagues who also thought they'd made it in life, getting slight feelings of approval when they told family and friends what they do for a living at weekend barbecues. In reality, I could tell they were absolutely miserable in their jobs and felt completely trapped. Their career choice had made them depressed, unproductive and unengaged, which in some cases impacted their personal lives.

It wasn't only professionals either. Time and time again, fellow students who studied top degrees would tell me they have no idea what they wanted to do after graduating. They'd hit unbelievable academic goals to get into degrees they didn't have a true passion for or interest in. Moreover, these students were receiving critical career advice from parents that (with all due respect) didn't understand the plethora of new career options that were out there.

When I stepped back, I realised the majority of people's lives were spent working, so making a poor career choice basically meant people were making very poor life choices. That applies to you reading this. Like it or not, you will spend more time working than possibly any other activity in life - so your choice on what you do for work is paramount to your happiness and success.


If you look around at top job sites - most make one fundamentally flawed assumption - that you know what you want to search for. The reality is, most people have no idea what they want to do, what options they have nor what different career paths involve. Five years ago, it was easier to get information on whether to book Thailand or Tahiti than it was to differentiate product management from partnerships.

So I saw the need to build JobGPS - a career platform which assumes you don't know what you want to do, or at least that you are open to exploring your options. I believe you should be informed and intentional about your career, not hopeful. 

For what is now a relatively simple offering, it's been an intense journey to get this site launched. Many weekends and holidays have gone into this, but I couldn't be prouder for it to be in your hands. Thanks to all those that have helped me get JobGPS to this point.

Feel free to send me a note if you'd like anything added to the site. I built this for you all, so want to make it the best experience possible.

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